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"Working in partnership, celebrating success, aiming for excellence"

"We are delighted with our GCSE results for summer 2020. Our students had worked hard towards their GCSEs despite their ill health and achieved some truly exceptional results. The percentage of students achieving grade 4 or above was 65% for English Language, 74% for English Literature, 57% for Maths and 58% for the Sciences. Congratulations to every one of them."

"Thank God Flexible Learning exists - you have all been brilliant!  We are really happy with his GCSE results. Massive Thank you."

"I'm really happy with my results: 9 Maths, 9 Further Maths, 7 Computing, 8 Physics, 8 Chemistry, 6 Biology, 7 English Language with a merit for speaking, 6 English Literature. Thank you all so much."

"A big thank you for all your support, it would have been hell without it. I will be forever grateful, A brilliant result after a truly awful 18 months . Thank you xxxx"

"L is all set to do her A levels at college in September."

"Just wanted to let you know that J did brilliantly in his GCSE results! We're so pleased and relieved. Thanks so much for all your support and guidance. (J got one grade 8, five grade 7s, three grade 6's and a grade 5!)"

"Just thought I'd let you know I've achieved a 5 in physics, a 5 in biology and a 4 in chemistry. It's all thanks to you and I just want to thank you for all the help you've given me!"

"...I thought I'd email to let you know I got a 5, 6 & 7 anyway. Thank you so much for your help with everything it's made it all so easy for us and I really appreciate that. I've also got so much good news for you. A quick summary though I've started going on bike rides. It's the best thing that could've ever helped me with moving forward. (Getting a bike I mean) today I went out for about 1.5/2 hours and had a picnic in the fields by myself and also i went to the shop for the first time the other day!! The progress in this past month has been baffling even to myself - and there's so much more too."

"Thank you for helping me boost my confidence and helping achieve more than I ever hoped. For the first time I feel like I can do something in Maths."

"My experience with referring to the service has been excellent. I think you have provided a great service. I would recommend you without hesitation. I also think that in my conversations with various members of your team, I have always felt like I am talking to a person who cares... Thank you so much."

"Can I just say a big thanks to the Flexible Learning Team for all their work with our students this year." (Secondary School Head of Year)

"My learning mentor was very friendly and supportive to my daughter, my family and the school. She listened to what we needed and supported my daughter in both her schooling and her anxiety... We believe this service has helped my daughter get back into her lessons without being too far behind."

"The learning mentor was very approachable and I would certainly refer to him and the service in the future."

"Thank you for the kindness & hard work you have put in, your continuous support & encouragement has given them the opportunity to progress & achieve the grades they deserve."

"We were extremely lucky to be living in Warwickshire where such an excellent and very much needed 'out of school' service is offered."

"A very big thank you to all of the team, you have really helped our daughter to achieve academically but also with the team work you have helped her through by stimulating her and spurring her on."

"Enabling a young person who had completely removed herself from society to access regular education & is now seeing a teacher from the team – a massive success & still progressing. Please don't stop."

"Just to let you know that both students had fantastic outcomes in their GCSEs. One has 4 grade 5s and a grade 4 which means she can do the L3 course at college. The other has brilliant top results. So proud of both students and as always immensely grateful for all your support. They couldn't have got these results without the Flexible Learning team!" (Senior Assistant Headteacher)

"Thankyou so much for all your input into B's education. It's been fantastic to feel like there is finally someone who understands him and to have you on our side fighting for B."

"Thank you for supporting and helping me learn over the past year... We will all miss you but I start my new school in September and that is down to all you did for me. Thank you for believing in me..."

"Thanks for all that you have done for L, things felt hopeless before but now L has a future and that's because of all you have done."

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